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In May 1984, I contacted the Spirit of Holiness as a friend shared the good news of Jesus Christ with me, and I  could not stop sobbing for over three days in deep repentance. I was in my sophomore year in college.  So profound was my conversion and passion for the word of God that I would lay hands on the sick, and they will recover. Sharing the good news with others was a joy. I moved back home from college, got married, joined a large organization, and met incredible people. 

 In five years, the leadership was able to birth 55 new churches, and growth was rapid. 

 It was successful, at least in human terms, but inwardly, I longed to see God's whole counsel preached to bring transformation to the individuals, but this was painfully absent.  

In my private life, I started facing intense spiritual battles, praying "unusual "prayers. It appeared as if I was always under warfare that I could not explain.  

One of which was the ability to have children.  

My doctor told me after the 6th miscarriage, this was beyond science. I knew I needed divine intervention. 

This situation drove me to look at what God's word had for me against what my life is reflecting.  

Then came a season when I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to go away from all I knew that He might teach me answers to life's mysteries. I enrolled in what I call the' wilderness school of greatness.' 

God himself brought me into contact with seasoned mentors and teachers.  

. K.P Yohannan, Leonard Ravenhill, A.W Tozer, Derek Prince, Charles Spurgeon, Dr. S M Lockridge were some of those I consumed their materials voraciously. What a blessing Pastor David Wilkerson of Times Square Church was in those growing years. 

All this while, I had lovers of Jesus Christ come to me for pastoral care, which brought me tremendous joy to see them overcome problems that only prayer and God's wisdom could solve. 

Then life happened to me with a significant marital setback.  

Looking back today, this was my graduating examination in the wilderness school of greatness. 

I had the choice of passing this test or flunking. Obeying God's instruction meant facing the ridicule of men. 

Entirely by grace, I obeyed God.  

Tremendous has been the satisfaction of this painful yet liberating experience. 

 From here, I learned the art of wielding the sword and spade to rebuild the purposes of God for my life. 

As this part of the transformation in the wilderness school of greatness blossomed, I saw ministries revamped from religious organizations to living and breathing organisms. 

 Tired and weary disciples of Christ found the joy of their salvation again, and the Word of God comes alive in a way they now confidently teach others the power of productive living with eternity in focus. 

 I distilled what I had learned in solitude into a system that assists in rebuilding lives and God-given assignments in careers, business, and Christian ministry.  

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